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In Search of.....A True Friend

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                           IN SEARCH OF…..A TRUE FRIEND

      When we hear the word ‘friend’ we picturize the face of a person very close to our heart.


“A friend in need is a friend indeed”

Friend is a person who is our companion in all times. The circumstances in our life may be good or bad, we may be living in a worse condition or we may be living happily but a true friend is the one who stands by our side in every stage of life. Friend is an elevator which helps you to easily step up the levels of life.

Whenever clouds named difficulty are formed in the sky of our life and when heavy drops of problems fall on us, a friend acts as an umbrella and protects us from the rainfall of problems. Friend is like a lantern which chases the darkness in our life. Friend is like a boat which helps us sail in the ocean named life. Friend is the one with whom we share all our ideas, secrets and problems.

We can’t even imagine life without a friend. We may be having hundreds or thousands of friends but every single friend is equal to more than a billion. We may have a collection of thousand books but one friend is equal to thousand collections of books.  The whole world can be conquered by an individual, not by winning lands but by winning hearts.

 Friendship is a bond; a bond between two or more people. This is a bond which has that special flavor which can garnish the dish of life. Two friends are like Hydrogen and Chlorine who share the electrons of ideas with each other to maintain stability in life. Friendship is a covalent bond which includes sharing; sharing of thoughts, feelings, emotions, problems, materials and many more things.

Friendship is regardless of religion, caste, creed, race, gender and various other means of discrimination. A friend can be from opposite gender too. Nowadays the society sees friendship in a negative way. Whenever a male has a female friend, it is considered that they are in a relationship. Why so? Can’t a person have a friend who is of the opposite gender? The answer is definitely can. A person has full freedom to have a friend from any category. We have to oppose this social evil of discrimination of gender. Show to the world that a boy and a girl can be good friends.

I am always in the search of a true friend; a friend with whom I can share my feelings with, with whom I can climb the stairs of life. I may be having thousands of friends but there is no harm in having more. There is a limit for everything but having plenty of friends is limitless.

Friends are like stars in the sky; every single friend is special and unique. If a friend has lost the smile on his/her face, bring a smile on their face by doing something good. Do something which they like. You might not be able to give an expensive gift, just give them a beautiful smile. It’ll be very precious for them. If you want to gift your friend something, gift it but always remember it is not the price of the gift that matter; it is your feeling and memory that is associated with the gift that matters.

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