My Bullying Story

On a cool spring day in second grade, I decide to play with a boy in my grade. We were playing tag while running around the playground. He then ran into the soccer field near his group of friends, I still followed him. I was slow and got there five seconds after he had arrived near his friends. There was about five of them in a group including the boy I was playing with. The thing was… they were all boys. They started to laugh at me, and looking at me head to toe. I was feeling awkward then. All out of nowhere the tallest one pushed me and I fell on my back on the cold hard ground. They all came after me, holding me down, laughing at me, and whispering to each other, “Make sure you get her arms.” At that point I felt completely helpless and scared. When they finally got me down the one who pushed me down took his hands and brought them to my waist. He grabbed the tops of my pants, and started to pull down. They all giggled softly as he attempted to pull my pants down. I tried to scream. Then my screams were muffled by the touch of a warm hand covering my mouth. I tried everything I could kicking, punching, and squirming. None of them worked. I felt like I was in straight jacket. The tallest one managed to get my pants to my mid calves. They all jumped up into a circle around me.... laughing hysterically… at my underwear. My cheeks burned with a red hot fiery feeling that made my lungs fill with anger. I was choking on tears trying not to cry as I tried to comprehend what had just happened. I jump up, and I pushed them out of my way as I pull up my pants. I ran I don’t know how far, or for how long I did. It felt like a lifetime. I ran while tears ran down my fiery red cheeks. I saw my cousin. She was running towards me I try to dodge her I knew she was going to try and comfort me… I could not talk to anyone… not now. She grabbed me and pulled me close. One of her famous bear hugs. She keeps asking, “What is wrong?” “NO, LET ME GO!!!” I replied. She managed to keep me from running. I wiped my tears and tried to tell her what happened as I choked on tears. I wanted be alone, go away, run far far away. Till the world spun and I couldn’t breathe. Once I got the story out her eyebrows came together, and her eyes filled with what's the word… revenge. She started to fast walk to the group of boys. I put myself between her and the boys. “Please, don’t do this,” I said. I looked at her. Her hands that were clenched into fist fell to her sides, and her eyes went blank. “Fine… but we are going to tell a teacher,” she replied. She quickly dragged me over to the teacher on duty, and had me explained to her what had happened. The teacher called the boys over to us. They knew I had told the teacher. They walked over to us with their heads down. What happened next really made my stomach clench as I try not to punch all the boys in that group. “We didn’t do that!” pleaded the tallest one. “Yeah, she is lying!” another said. The teacher didn’t know who to believe. All she did was make them owe lunch recess. That day when I went home I ran in my house, and I cried to my mom about what had happened. My grandmother was there too so she heard too. They looked at each other and they laughed. Why were they laughing? Couldn’t they see I was crying? I left and I went to my room. I threw my bag and fell against the wall. I put my hands over my face. I was shaking. I wanted to scream, but when I tried all that came out was silence. The next few days I dealt with them laughing at me by ignoring them. Ignoring the stares and little giggles as I walked by. Ignored the darkness in my life. Till the giggles and laughs turned into the hum of conversations. Till eyes were no longer on me, but looking at the halls waiting... just waiting for something to happen. 

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bealela said...
Oct. 8, 2016 at 3:46 am
What a powerful story ! Thank you for your honesty and sharing it with all of us!
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