What To Expect When You're Moving Away

        Have you just received news that you’re about to get a new home? Have your parents just put up a “For Sale” or “For Rent” sign? Have you gotten lost on this new site, and have no idea why you’re here, you’re supposed to be doing something productive? Then this is the perfect article for you!


Moving is tough, I’m not gonna lie. It doesn’t matter how excited you are for a new start, or how long you’ve been anticipating a change, it’s going to get unexpectedly difficult. I can’t tell you how many times I stayed up late praying to God that someone would buy my old house, but when the day came to say goodbye…. let’s just say some tears may have made an appearance. That’s why I wrote this article, to prepare you all for this exciting and terrifying change. So, sit back and relax (or get really jittery and temporarily depressed. I won’t tell you how to live your life.) while I list all (well, some. I’ve got a life, people.) of the things you should expect when you arrive at your new, and unfamiliar place.


1) Expect people asking you if you’re “okay” a lot
Your friends and family realize that this is going to be a sorta painful transition. You’re leaving everything you’ve known for (how ever long you’ve been there) behind. It’ll get sort of annoying after a while, but don’t get too upset, it just means they care.


2) Expect to sleep on a mattress in the middle of the floor for a little while
Your family is going to be very busy unpacking boxes, organizing the new place, and switching all of the mail over to the new address. They probably won’t have time to put together your bed frame for a little while, it took my parents a week to get me on an elevated mattress. On the bright side, you won’t get visited by monsters from under your bed for a while! I can’t say the same about the ones from the closet….


3) Expect to think your new house is haunted
Your new house is going to have different middle of the night creaks and bangs that your old house didn’t, which is going to freak you OUT. It also doesn’t help if you watch “Children Of The Corn” the 1st week you live there… you may or may not run to your parents room a couple of hundred times…. and put heavy boxes in front of your closet door… and hold your bedroom door open with your laundry hamper so it won’t creepily close while you’re sleeping…


4) Expect to feel lonely every once in a while
I’m not saying you’re going to feel completely isolated from the entire universe or anything, but every so often it’s going to feel like there’s no one in this new place that understands you like your friends far away do. Just sit tight, someone will come along and make you think differently. You just gotta hang in there! So in the meantime, pinterest, youtube, and netflix it up, my friends!  It’s the only cure for loneliness that works. Besides hobbies, and friends…. but those are overrated!


5) Expect to be fearful of things going wrong
I’m naturally a little OCD, but I think everyone feels this way when they come to a new place. You fear that you won’t have the same life that you had back home. You fear that you won’t ever love this new place like you loved the old one. You fear that this is too big a change for you. You fear a lot of things, but you just have to be brave and see what happens.


6) Expect to miss the old place
I personally don’t get emotional about old things, I’ve always thought, “What’s done is done. It’s in the past now, and it’s gonna stay there.” but every now and then I think about the old house, the old school, the old neighborhood, the old neighbors. It’s hard to leave something you love, but you have to know that you’ll always have the memories.


7) Expect to eat a lot of takeout
Let’s go back to your parents being busy the 1st few weeks of living at the new house, shall we? When you move you normally don’t take your food from the old house with you, because it’ll go bad without being refrigerated for a while. Take it from me, the idiot that left a coffee cup full of milk at school… 2 days in a row… So, you’re probably going to start out with an empty fridge, freezer, and pantry. (this is where your busy family comes in) Your family will be too busy to go grocery shopping, so you’re going to be in takeout heaven for a little while. Pizza, Chinese, weird fusions, that’s where you’re gonna get your nutrition from. Good luck with that.


9) Expect Visitors. Lots of them.
Your distant family becomes very interested in your life after you move. Everyone wants to see the new house, and the new neighborhood, and the new city. Everyone.


10) Expect to realize that you’ve got a lot of stuff you didn’t know about
When you see the amount of boxes stacked up in various rooms, you start to realize that you’re extremely privileged. No, your family might not be rich, you might be walking the line between middle class and just plain broke, but apparently your friends and family have been spoiling you for years, and you just now realized it.


No matter how terrible or wonderful your new place is, here’s some advice for you:
Be social, that’s the only way to make friends, kid.
Get out there! Try out for sports, and chorus, and weird things you didn’t think could even be considered after school activities, you might just be good or even great at them!
Take advantage of this new place, if you hated people in your old place don’t stay in touch with them, if you felt you weren’t nice enough to people at your old place be nicer, if you have some sort of dream that you didn’t reach for at your old place for whatever reason, reach for it now.
And last, but certainly not least, be happy with everything you do at your new place, now’s the time to leave things in the past, and not repeat them.
Good luck! You probably won’t need it though.

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