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That’s what you are. Plan. Simple. Childish. Technically it should mean nothing, but you have drawn out the last point of sanity I have with stupidity, immaturity. I know you only seem to mean well, pushing everyone that cared away and such, but to be straight I will no longer take the blame for your mistakes. Now you must take responsibility on your own and nobody is here to hold your hand at this point. You will only find that in your rage and needing someone there, nobody will come.

Alone. Alone is what you are and there will only be a change if we are seen the way you refuse to see us. In time you will find your mistake and in that time we will all have moved on. Nobody is here. You have pushed too far. Not only me, everyone is done with your words. Cruel speech that only stands on tongue with hatred, buried deep within the lungs that have so sadly aloud you to breathe. Assuming only what you think is true not looking in from the other side, clearly not making an effort to try and keep the people you so easily decide to diss with one little slip up.Assuming that everyone is in the wrong not knowing that everything is your fault in the end. Starting fights, never listening, only ever thinking about yourself.

Innocent, it’s what you seem. Bright blue eyes and longish blonde hair, a smile that you use to deceive and light up the room, but as soon as there is something you prefer not to have hell breaks loose. Think, that's what you should have done before you threw us all away. Blaming everything on everybody but yourself, pretending you are never at fault. A vulture is what you are, picking off the pieces of people that were once great about them, making them cold and dark. Untouchable parts of that person from this point on because your overcasted heart cannot see what your doing. You never seem to be at fault, for anything you do. Only ever come close to finding and destroying the life, the hearts of other of enjoyment.

You only hurt everyone. Refusing to listen, to blame ourself for the mistake that was deliberately made, and no affection will be shown back to you again. It’s childish that I being younger and much more immature have to tell indirectly tell someone who used to be idolized. Now you mean nothing. you have blocked my number with a paragraph that goes like this:

“You have been kinda a jerk to me the past few days so… this is the last time you’re going to hear from me unless there is an emergency. Bye.”

No context of what i did or said. You have no right to say I’ve been a jerk when all you have ever done is emotionally abuse somebody. Emotionally exploitation. Used them as your personal punching bag for no reason the the fact that it was fun. Bye is right, and I hope you see how immature you have slowly become. I hope you are happy with the soul you have turned into nothing by being a child

Dealt with since October of 2015. Done with since now... It’s time to grown up, so quick the act. You're being Childish, it’s time to stop.

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