Red Nose Clown

September 26, 2016
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 My brother, Emerald and I were wrestling and making a lot of noise even though our mom told us to clean our room twenty minutes before.

“Boys stop the rough-housing and get that room clean” My mom yelled from downstairs.

“O.K. mom” Emerald and I returned back in unison.

“You get the trash and I will get the clothes picked-up” I proposed.

“Fine by me” Emerald complied.

We walked towards the bed to fix I thought “Sucker”.

We fix our bed and went off to our separate jobs. We were 73% done when I noticed he was picking up my spider-man jumbo activity book to through away.

“Hey, don’t throw that away” I quickly stop what I was doing, to walk towards him.

“What its trash”

“No, I’m not finished”

“But almost all the pages are done”

“Exactly almost that means I’m not done”

“But you don’t use it anymore”

“Yes, I do” I yell as I snatch away.

He gets irritated “When, I haven’t seen you use it” He tries to take the book and begins a tug-of-war.

“I take it to school” I yelled

He yanks the book and shoves it in the bag. I felt a wave of anger over me and my instincts kick in and I couldn’t stop myself. I punched him right in his nose and grab my book. He was yelling and screeching, as soon I saw all the blood gush down his face my mom came in and immediately push me away and took him down stairs. I sat in corner with my head in my hands, I hear calling someone but i don’t know who eventually all I hear is my heart in my ears. My mom and emerald left for the hospital and ended up crying myself to sleep. I was ashamed of myself I’ve never cause this much pain to my brother or to myself.

I awoke 20 minutes before my family got home I was frightened to see my brother's nose as red and big as a clown’s rubber nose. That day I knew I would never want to hurt anyone like that again and even now I work my hardest to manage my anger. To cause someone severe bodily harm is torture for the mind and the heart.

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