We're Lost.

September 23, 2016
By JulianPerez SILVER, Sacramento, California
JulianPerez SILVER, Sacramento, California
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A gentle breeze blowing through the pine trees,the sun’s shine couldn’t penetrate through the pine trees,shade looming over the campsite that we’re staying for a couple of days.Everyone is at the campsite retrieving their items from the car that they were traveling.While everyone that has joined us to camp out here trying to set up their tents and stoves,I gazed over to the opposite direction only to observe two small statured teenagers sitting down on a damaged up bench,made of pine wood that’s been sitting there for quite while.I decide to walk towards their general direction where they’re sitting at,one step at a time since there’s no time to waste just communicate with my friends.As I walked up towards them,their heads turned to my general directon where I was I coming from.

I’ve arrived where my friends were sitting at,they give me a head gesture like “What’s up?”.
I decided to sit aside with one of my best friend,Carlos and a small stature friend sitting across from us,Emily.He proposed a question when I just barely arrived saying “So Emily and Julian...what did you guys d-” then immediately Emily interrupted Yahir “Guys?you know I’m the only girl here right now,right?”.He took a deep breath to re-think the question that he has asked “Okay...what did you guy and GIRL did over the trip to the campsite?”he questioned once more.I was about to respond to Carlos’s question yet I got interrupted by her,smacked her lips “okay so you know that my little sister can be a little baby,right?so on our here I accidently…” and she kept running her mouth on and on and on to the point I was thinking to myself like “Well...I’m gonna be here for a while”. As I pretended to listen her words that’s coming out of her mouth,my mind has wandered off the distance of my subconscious.

All of a sudden I felt a tug on my short sleeved shirt and I didn’t realize that the person sitting aside of me was tugging my shirt to get his attention.He knew what to say and he didn’t keep his suggestion to himself “So you guys wanna walk around the campground?” and he said it with no hesitation.I turned my head to Emily to hear her decision “Yeah sure,we should go right now!” she squealed.Now that she agreeded to Carl’s suggestion I had no idea what to say,I felt like a guinea pig with no words to say whether to say yes or no.I had no choice but go along with them ‘cause I didn’t want them to go by themselves so I just nodded as a guesture of an agreement “Yeah I’m down for it but we should just our parents before we take off” yet Carl had a something else in mind “Don’t worry about we’re gonna be back at the campsite like around 30 minutes,our parents aren’t gonna notice” ”Alright...I guess”.Everyone got up and followed Carl where he was headed to the forest to go to the trail.

We all got to a position from Carl being ahead of us to me being the back of the two people who are ahead of me.One step a the time,we followed Carl leading us at a trail where people ride their dirt bikes.An hour has passed,the sun moved slightly,tempature became much warmer even if we were under a shield of leafs,everyone is parched,in my mind I was saying like “Tell them that we should go back to the campground since our parents might be looking for us”.I proceeded to tell them that we should back to the campground,both of them agreed to return to the campground “Well I know the short cut just follow me”.She agreed to Carl’s idea however,I found it really skeptical that Carl is gonna lead us to the right path,plus this is the first time that he has visited the campsite including Emily “You know what...I think we should back-track the trails that we have taken so it’s much easier to lead us back to the campground”.What I expected,he didn’t agree with the idea so he just choose his idea and decided to find the campground with a “short cut” yet I still find it skeptical but I followed his idea.We had to cross many parts of the forest,bushes,twigs,branches,logs looking all the same and it felt like that we’re walking around in circle.Another hour has passed and we couldn’t find the trail as we seem and in my subconcious,my emotion was building up so much stress to the point that I couldn’t take it anymore.I decided say his name and tell him that we’re lost and there’s no way that we can’t find both the trail and the campsite and yet he refused that we’re lost so kept going along.Another hour has passed and this time I repeated the same thing that I’ve told last hour;we should go back to the camground and surprisingly we agreed that we were llost.

Not only that I was so stressed about returning to the campground,I was also was having a panic attack,blood rushing through the stream of stress,brain was aching,and getting so many scratches from the branches that we had passed through.I looked at Emily to see how’s she going and based on her behavior that I have as well,I think she was going through the same thing.We decided to keep going through the same thing,branches,twigs,bushes,and logs until finally Emily saw trail of dirt,pointed the trail to the general direction and followed through the trail.Yet another hour has passed and we finally the way to the campground,tents all setted up,logs huddled up into a pile,table setted up and so on we decided to go down to the campground.When our parents saw us walking down to the campground,you expect to be running up to you and asking you questions that was has happened but oh boy things didn’t go as it expected.For starters our parents were trying to look for us and they almost about to call the police to find us.Secondly,our parents gave us major consequences from Emily being grounded for a day and for me my dad took out his black leather and started to whip me in front of everyone and yet his parents didn’t do anything other than just scolding him out in front of everyone as well.

After many months has passed since the incident,I’ve finally learned my mistake.When a friend is trying to pick a path,you should help them guide them that what’s correct path rather than just going along with them creating more errors not only from you but your friends as well.If I didn’t went with them,they could’ve been lost as well which it’s a lose-lose situation.Plus I wish I told them sooner that it wasn’t a great idea but it already happened so I can’t undo it.

The author's comments:

It inspired me to write this story(or I should my personal experiance) that just happened recently.The experiance was traumatizing but when I look back to it,I just laugh at my past self of how dumb I was just being lost in a large forest at a campsite.

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