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September 20, 2016
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Fighting for your dreams takes time,is risks taking, and has many responsibilities; because following your dreams is an uneasy route to take but will have a great ending. And for me, I’ve dreamed to be an Anthropologist who can travel to see and experience far and wide. But just sitting here and dreaming isn’t going to take me anywhere so I have to start searching for colleges that have my major and look at the classes that is required to take to get there. Plus I will also need to talk to my counselor and my parents with my planning to achieve my dreams. I’m not really sure why anthropology seems to lurk and draw me in so much it makes me thrive for more knowledge.

Anthropology is the study of different aspects of humans in the past and present societies. But there are two types of anthropology such as social and cultural. Which goes more into making hypothesis and observations about the lifestyle.And to be able to learn and see different types of people and groups that is out there in the world other than just their surroundings.

There are many routes and ways to achieve my dream but I will start by searching online for colleges. This way I will know what kind of colleges are out there and to see if I actually like and want to go there to pursue my dreams. And try to visit many colleges to know and learn more about what they have there provided for you. Just go experience and observe the lifestyle in college and ask about other things about their campus and etc.

And if I planning on doing some research on colleges, I will need to discuss to my counselor and my parents about it. In order, to get some help and advice on choosing what kind of college I want to go and what classes I need to take now to be able to get in the college. And other things that is needed to be accepted such as GPA, SAT/ACT and more. Because most of these are require to be accepted or qualified to enter the college.

These are just the first couple general steps into starting my dreams because i will some point revise my route throughout my journey. This my dream because “Even the greatest was once a beginner. Don’t be afraid to take that first step.”-Unknown

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