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In Search of.....God

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Disclaimer: The following article does not possess any intension to harm the religious sentiments of people of any religion, castes, etc.


We are living in the Twenty first century where life of every individual has so much stress, tension, pain and problems. During the problems we find only one way left that is God’s. People in this century only think about money and when a problem arises, they remember god.

 Is god only an agent to deal with our problems? No, god is not just a helper; he is a companion. We must remember him in all kinds of situations.

 “God gives and forgives, man gets and forgets”

As this English proverb describes that god gives us all kinds of pleasures and forgives us for all our mistakes, but we forget god and his grace.

We keep searching for him in stones and various holy materials. But we never felt him around us. He has no definite form. He transforms from one form to other and helps his devotees. We may not see him, but we can always feel him in and around us. Every particle of this universe is derived from him. Living peacefully without harming any organism can be a way to be his loved ones. Non-violence is a road to reach god.          Seeing him in every single organism, having concern and care towards every organism can be a way to attain salvation.

Trying to explore him in constituent less substances, having blind beliefs can be a way leading to distraction. Instead of exploring him, we must experience him. A person who helps us in emergency situations is considered as a form of god.  Because it is god who takes up various forms to help us.

God is that ray of light which can breakdown the black hole named problems in our life. He is the hope of every organism. We are just his puppets and the world is the largest puppet show. Man has become so greedy and selfish that he has started to think that he is mightier than the god. The truth is man is not even a particle when compared to god, who is the whole universe. No one is equal or equivalent to him. He is very vast. His presence can be felt everywhere in every moment.

Let’s end this race for god and believe in the god present in the nature. Let’s pray that there shall be peace and harmony around the world.

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