Disrupting My Comfort Zone, the Process of Struggle and Survival

July 19, 2016

One year ago, I still lived in China. As a typical Chinese student, the only thing I need to concern with is the education. I was like a bird in the cage. I lived in a comfortable area where my parents did everything for me, including doing house chores, developing social relationships, and communicating with my teachers. Therefore, life was not a challenge for me. But at the same time, I had no social experiences, basic life knowledge, and lacked the ability to communicate with my classmates and teachers.

With the unpredictable change in my life, my family decided to move to the United States. The foreign environment disrupts my life, but brings me to the achievement. Here in America, education is no longer the center of every ternager’s life. Participating in various activities and expanding social involvements are more important than the education. High school life is difficult for me, a person lacks of social experiences. Recalling the first time I walked into my new high school's campus, the nervous, fear and discomposure still swung in the hot air. I was too shy to talk with my classmates; I was afraid to communicate with my teachers. And even language was a challenge for me. At that time, I was mad, sad and frightened.

Although my life is filled with obstacles, “I have to,” “I should,” “I must,” overcome these difficulties in order to survive. If I can’t change the situation, I have to change myself in order to fit in the new situation. I began to take actions. I actively engaged in social activities to gain more experiences. I talked with my classmates to develop more friendships. I took language class every day to improve my English skills.

Now I am a member of Pre-medicine club and I also volunteer in Los Angeles County Arboretum every week. My English skills improved so much so I can talk with people fluently. These accomplishments symbolized that I had jumped out of my comfort zone and overcome those difficulties.

I believe that disrupting the comfort zone can make me grow up. At first phases, I keep struggling, but through the sweat, dedication, and determination, I will eventually survive. This is the process of life, the process of growing up.

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