Leaping Over the Fear

July 16, 2016

Fear always emerges any time in every one’s life. Fear is like a huge burning flame. People who are afraid to face challenges and changes are intimidated by this appalling flame, but people who are brave, optimistic and preservant will leap over the fire.

Life is unpredictable. One year ago, when I was still living in China, my parents told me that my family were going to immigrant to United States. After hearing this news, I can’t help revealing the great excitement and ecstasy hidden inside my heart. However, I also felt afraid. I am afraid to accept the fact that I am going to leave a place where I grew up and lived for fourteen years; I am afraid to face the change that I will be an American high school student. Also, I am afraid of the new, strange environment, people and a foreign language which I can barely speak.

At those nights, I even couldn’t fall in sleep. I was surrounded by the flames of fear and I could smell their strong odor. Although I was trying to comfort and reason myself, the fear still surrounded me. After a few days, my father had a talk with me. He told me that there are two kinds of people before the fear. The first kind of people are timid and they usually run away from the fear. But the another kind of people are completely different. They take the fear as an opportunity to improve themselves. They face the fear bravely and challenge themselves. Eventually, they will leap over the fear and arrive the destination of success. After that talk with my father, I choose to become the second kind of people.

After one month, my family moved to United States. It is a new start for everyone, including me. I found a English tutor to help me improve my English skills. Everyday, I read books, write essays, and practice grammar. The way in front of me will filled with obstacles and pain. However, I have already learned how to leap over the fear.

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