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The First Kiss

The room was dim and romantic. The music was playing (the latest pop song). I don’t know what it was about that moment before but it just all felt right. My boyfriend and I were leaning against the gym wall. He was wearing a vest with a white dress shirt. His tie was red and black stripes with little chains hanging off it. His arms were wrapped perfectly around me. I closed my eyes to take in that moment. Then, when it felt right I looked back at him. And he looked back at me. His perfect hazel brown eyes sparkled in the light. They made me melt. The way he looked nervous but totally ready for the kiss that would make us fall in love. After looking into his amazing eyes for a minute he put his hand on my cheek. It was warm and gentle. He guided my head up to his. I hesitated for a second but then I worked up the nerve to finally make our lips meet. When our lips interlocked it was unreal. It felt like a movie the way I melted inside. We had a spark that could never be remade. Never had I felt a spark like that before. As we pulled back after a few seconds I was breathless. I could feel the hot prickly blush flood my cheeks. I looked at him with love filled eyes. That was our first kiss. It was the kiss that made us fall in love.

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