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Cruelty Against Shelter Animals

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I know I am not one of the tree hugger people and I don’t get petitions to make schools start recycling (my school does by the way) but I have to make a statement!

It was my mom’s birthday and my dad said we’re getting her a dog. So we went driving with my whole family, all 6 of us and we drove. And drove, and drove and drove till we got to Marion County. We drove some more and it was soooooo boring! When we got to the Marion county animal shelter I jumped out happily. My dad told me to slow down and pick something I liked. I looked and they were all both skinny and huddled in the corner or growling viciously at me.

I jumped back from those dogs. What was awful is the cages were fences with pointy spikes everywhere. I was horrified at that. I caught up to dad and saw he was talking to a man who worked there.

My dad turned to me and said that he knew what dog to get. He said “ I know what pup we’re getting your mom. We’re getting a Boston terrier!” I was raised by people who love Boston Terriers so I love them too. When I saw how frail she was I was horrified. She was super skinny, shaken, scratched up and whimpering but also growling too.

I stared at her in confusion. “Why her? She looks sick.” Dad looked at her sympathetically. “They’re gonna put her down in an hour if we don’t pick her.” I frowned “Oh” my dad quickly masked his sorrow with humor “plus she can jump over a chain-link fence and attack a Rottweiler!” I laughed.

We ended up getting the dog and naming her Oxana. Two months later my dad said we are getting a turtle just like our African Spurred Tortoise Doogan. We saw a kiddy-pool full of sulcatas (aka African spurred tortoises) the woman wanted us to take all seven. One of them was as big as a desk! We declined saying we didn’t have the room which is partially true. So we took the turtle home because dad said it looked like a female, I already had a name ready! “Rosie” I said to him in the car. When we got home dad washed ‘her’ and guess what? It was A BOY!!!!!! Dad said since it is a boy (he loves Russian names) his name is Donovan.

Those great memories often trigger thoughts in my head. What would’ve happened to Oxana? Or Donovan? Would he have been put down? How would they’ve put her down? Needle? Poisoned food? How are the other animals doing? Is the desk-turtle okay?

I still think about that and what would’ve happened if we didn’t pick Oxana. This goes to show that one little choice will make all the difference. What will you choose? I chose to save an animal, even if it barely made a difference. I made one.

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