My Obsession

November 11, 2013
What does soccer means to me?
My passion for the sport
is as big as the love to my mom. It marks my life path.

“We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.” 1

Soccer is all, a dream.
A dream sent by the gods at night, with the purpose of leaving something meaningful for lives.

Religion is for some people, the priority of their lives.
Soccer is for some people, the priority of their lives.

Zeus, the most powerful Greek god, with his dangerous ray, kills the Cyclopes as Santa Fe, my soccer team, defeats his enemies, the other teams.

Santa Fe controls the league as Zeus controls the other gods in the Olympus.
Santa Fe is always in the first place in the league and Zeus, the superior between the Greek Gods.

15/07/2012. Great personal memory, my love, Santa Fe, won the league.
In the first minutes of the match, I was jumping, shouting, clapping in the stadium, just for the desire of winning that trophy.

My feet were full of cramps; I felt all the clapping, shouting and craziness of the 40,000 people beneath my neck. My heartbeat was more accelerated than a train. I could feel electricity throughout my veins and my circulatory system.
But it was the quantity of blood through my body, pumped from the heart.

After eating all my nails and chipping my teeth for the desire to win that trophy, in the minute 70th, the Zeus part of Santa Fe was delivered. The wisdom of Zeus was given throughout the thunderbolts to Omar Perez, the idol, to make great passes and goals.

The ray was so powerful that I could feel it across my body from my head to my feet. I could also see how all
The Santa Fe fans, my family, were loaded with it, including my cousin.

After two plays, the idol scored the goal. Immediately another thunderbolts was thrown from Zeus to the stadium. I felt like an electric shock in my head, I started to hug all the people, to shout.

When my team scored a goal,
The blue sky where Zeus and gods live
Became color full, forming a rainbow
Of shouts of glory
From my people and me.
A city without cars moving, people quite, shocked.
Same shouts of glory from Zeus defeating Hades and the Cyclopes.
These compose the “dream”.

When my team is losing constantly, I do show not same smile. Do not talk too much and reply with rude answers. I just feel like a lonely bee that do not have a hive to live and turns around a city looking for one to be protected.

The only way that my team has to recover the victory in the losing moments, is to obtain Zeus knowledge, it has to be present.

I have no more to say to my “family” that this is all
What means to be a Santa Fe fan, winning or losing moments
Some of them like torments.
But this defines and affects my life, but that is all about, to pay that price.

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