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My Seesaw Won't Swing

Something good has to come out of all this

They were the words that played in my head for months. I kept telling myself with every failure and every disappointment that something amazing would drop out of the sky and smash them into oblivion. I figured my life was a sea saw, that heartaches would be balanced out by joy. The weights kept getting heavier, but the sea saw wasn’t balancing out.
For a long time I was on the verge of tears. The feeling didn’t really go away, I just learned to ignore it. I learned techniques to keep my eyes from spilling over, like blinking fast and pretending to yawn. I didn’t want anyone to know how I felt.
Maybe you’re reading this after losing a relative, maybe you’re reading this after not making the soccer team, or maybe you’re reading this after being bullied.
I want you to know that even though there are more weights on one side of the seesaw, with an open mind and mental strength you can carry them to the good side. It’s perspective. You’ve learned a lesson, you changed, and maybe you were able to stand up for yourself. Learn to smile through the tears and skip through the sadness.
And I promise you, your seesaw will begin to swing again.

Life is just a playground.

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