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The Adolescent with some Moves

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I watched, bewildered, as he strode effortlessly into my class. There was a soft teasing smile on his face. I usually avoided looking at him directly into eyes because whenever I did, a huge smile stretched across my face. I don’t know why that was. I found him particularly funny, even when my friends thought his jokes to be lame. He seemed politely cute, yet again, my friends disagreed with me. Although famous as a huge flirt and a pervert, who saw girls as nothing but trophies to be acquired, he was still kind and respectful towards me and my friends. At least in front of us.
He teased me a lot. A hell lot. Folks usually love teasing me because I get irritated and offended easily. That pleases them. Huh. His sly grins, exceptional behavior, humming of songs, usually directed towards me provoked my friends even further to tease me. He joined in their drama gladly. The trouble was, I couldn't put on a strict tone with him. I just couldn't. As already mentioned before, I avoided making eye contact with him- the instantaneous smile was suspicious. I smiled even if somebody mentioned his name, or if I thought of him. Annoying, right? I can’t seem to help it though. My friends term this as infatuation. From my side, isn't. They even call him my ‘crush’. Ew. Gross. I've lost count as to how many times I've told them that it isn't like that. I’m a 16 year-old girl. Trust me, I know what infatuation and crushes are. Therefore I know that this case isn't one of them. I can’t call myself his friend. I barely know anything about him, the stuff that friends should. I just know him. That’s it. And whatever I've perceived of him till now(according to how he behaves in front of me, not relying on the account of his behavioral mishaps with others), I've come down at this- he is good. There’s nothing more to that. He doesn't have a very good social reputation, but hey, what the heck? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? He’s just an adolescent. Period.
And there’s just one more thing that I think is sweet about him but AGAIN, my friends disagree with me- he’s some of a dancer. Though not great, but hey, he’s an adolescent, right? Let me tell you what, that adolescent has got some moves.
Well, he came into the class- swinging his thin arms at his sides. The taut nerves shown clearly on them. He went straight to his friend, chatted a bit and left the classroom. All the while, I had been watching him stealthily, a soft smile playing round my lips, a faint pinkish glow on my cheeks. He’s NOT my crush!! GROW UP!!!

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crazyShruti said...
Jun. 3, 2013 at 8:24 am
Kaanu.. it is so true!! so real! .. reading this article was like... wow!  a smile spread over my face and i was seriously able to relate ..... (except that dance part.. are you pointing that That  MUJRA??.. stop jealousing me gal i missed it and you are highlighting ??!! :\ ) :P 
Excellent :)  i m loving it.  :') 
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