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Getting A Puppy

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I was in the fourth grade at the time, my class took a field trip to the park to plant trees. My mom being the nature freak she is wanted to be a chaperon. The gardeners explained how you dig a hole about one and half feet deep to plants the tree. You take your shovel and loosen the roots. After you do that you put the tree in the hole and cover it with the dirt you just dug out. We planted hundreds of trees. As I sat there digging a hole my moms phone began to ring.
"Hello?" My mom said. "It did?! Oh my goodness we will stop by today to take a look!" She said with the biggest smile on her face.
"What mom, what is it?" I asked my mom.
"WE MIGHT GET A PUPPY!" My mom yelled.
"REALLY?" I yelled back.
"I DON'T JOKE ABOUT PUPPIES!" My mom yelled.
I jumped up and screamed "I'M GETTING A PUPPY!" The whole class looked at me like I was insane but that was okay because a puppy is totally worth a few awkward looks. We finished planting trees and my mom excused me from the last five minuets of school and we got in the car and raced to the house of the people who were selling the puppys. My step-dad showed up and helped pick out which one we wanted. I sat in the corner on a chair and held to female puppys, however my mom wanted a boy puppy.
"Haily, do we want sad eyes or fatty?" MY mom said holding up two puppys.
"I want both." I gave the obvious answer.
"Ha ha only one kiddo!"
"Then you pick." I said looking down at the two puppy I was holding in my hands.
"Time to go. You want to hold fatty?" My mom asked.
"Sure." I grabbed 'fatty' and walked to the car. "What are we naming him?"
"I'm not sure yet." Mom said.
After a week of us thinking of a name we came up with Barkley. Barkley our baby golden retriever.

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