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Unsilent Night

The night seemed prolonged. I twisted and turned in a restless sleep, that constant, annoying, clicking noise keeping me awake along with pure excitement. It was the early hours of Christmas day. A small amount of light filtered into my room as the sun slowly began to rise in the sky. The pale haze crept across the cold hard floor to the foot of my bed. It would be impossible to sleep now. Click, click, click…. something in the other room screeched. What was that? I rolled over on my side to look at the alarm clock on my side table. The translucent green numbers showed that it was four o’ clock in the morning. I sighed at the prospect of having to find something to do, which most preferably was sleep, for at least another two hours. Click, click, click, click… I was abruptly awoken from my awakeness. Was that, could that possibly be… Santa Claus? My seven year-old mind whirled. Santa, Santa, Santa! Santa Claus was in the room just beside mine! Should I go take a peek? Will he be able to tell if I’m awake? I gasped. He will, he will, he will! I stiffened up in my bed and threw the covers over my head, trying desperately to let sleep find me.
But it wouldn’t.
Click, click, click, click, click, click!
Christmas night is possibly the most agonizing time in the life of a child. Parents may think it is quite a delightful experience, but they never really do take into consideration the great lengths children must go through just trying to sleep. Grown-ups, however, never do seem to have that problem; they sleep like logs, the whole lot of them. No great expectations for the morning. They don’t even appreciate the four foot beaded “necklaces” that you so painstakingly made especially for them.
As I lay there, contemplating these absurdities, I remembered what I had been wishing for. I saw it in a little shop a few days past, and I fell in love with it immediately – a tiny little ball of fluff, brown with black and grey spots, two petite velvety ears, and snow white paws; nothing other than a dwarf bunny.
All my first-grade friends had pets, a dog, a cat, a hamster, a fish… And how I wanted to be like them, to have a companion to dress up and play with! I had come into that pet shop, looking for turtles (I do not know what I was thinking), but when I came out, my heart was left in that small cage where I first saw him. He had flair, I knew that from the start – he nearly knocked over the cage.
But afterwards I felt myself wishing that he was in a different cage – one right in my room.
The next day I posted a letter to Santa, enclosed with a drawing my mother made me draw, and a very revised letter, since my father said I should make it nicer.
Click, click, click…
I ducked underneath the covers. “I’m sleeping, Mr. Santy Claus!” I said aloud, so that he would hear me. “And I haven’t been naughty either – I don’t think,”
And in a state of exhaustion (I had been up for nearly an hour), I began to drift off to sleep once more.
“Wake up, pumpkin! Santy Claus left you something!” My parents suddenly surrounded me, on each side of my bed, nearly dragging me out of it into the living room.
I didn’t need their help. I practically leaped out of bed, and set off towards the adjoining room.
“Wait,” they restrained me. “We need to get the camera first,”
But then why did you wake me up already?!
Finally, the camera business was settled, and I was permitted to enter the room. The tree’s lights were flashing and flickering red, blue, yellow and green, further illuminating the brightly wrapped packages in its wake. But my eyes were only for one thing at this moment – the wooden hutch situated right in the center of the grandeur, and what was inside it.
His little nose was peeking out from the cage’s darkness, twitching feverishly. His timid chocolate eyes observed me. His ears were laid back across his head, his cheeks bulging while he chewed a carrot. I leaned over to stroke him. It was like touching a warm, soft cloud.
“What will you name him?” my parents asked.
I racked my brain for suitable bunny names. “Hazel,” I decided. “After the rabbit in Watership Down. He looks like him,”
Hazel posed no objection to his name, and, as we all watched, hopped over to the side of the cage and drank from his water bottle that hung from the wall.
Click, click, click… it went.

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Laugh-it-OutThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
May 2, 2013 at 10:19 pm
Awwww, this is soo cute!!! Never had a pet, except for four fish that died in one week, but you make them sound adorable. wonderful job! Keep rockin
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