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I fell in love (and I'm never doing that again)

On the first day of school, I fell in love only, I never knew it was love until you tore my castle of dreams apart. On the second day you talked to me for the first time and said hello. Did I catch your eye or were you just polite? On the third day, you spoke to my friend and had intellectual discussions with her. Was it her who caught your eye? On the fourth day, you talked to me again and it was with me you had discussions. Who was it, me or her? On the fifth day, you looked straight into my eyes. Was it me? On the sixth day, you stared at me in all the classes we had together as I was explaining everything to another friend. What does that mean? On the seventh day, you asked me if I was coming to math team. Would you not have come if I had said "no"? Yesterday, you asked both of us to come over and study for a math competition. Who is it? Today, all my dreams and thoughts were destroyed, because you asked her what a boy should do if he likes a girl. It was her, wasn't it? So, we were meant to be just friends, just good friends, nothing more and I'm honestly happy for you both.

But, I swear, once is enough. Love is not for me and shall never be so, I'm through with it! No more dreaming about seeing you the next day, no more thinking about you or anyone that way! Those love songs are never true, why do they fill our heads with hopes?

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