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A Prayer, a Test and an Answer

I prayed about it. This was the first math test I was so unsure about. I knew all the equations were going to mixed up in my head and that I'd forget how to perform the problems correctly and get the correct answers. So, in desperation I just prayed to God to help me pass the test by some kind of miracle. I knew He was the only One Who could help me now. I couldn't fail this test, I just couldn't. I had already failed Algebra 2/Trigonometry the previous year and now as a senior, I was put in the class once again. I just couldn't bear the thought of failing the class and not being able to graduate. The thought even brought me to tears. So, sixth period came and with that, my math test also came. I looked at the test and my mind went in one thousand different directions. I tried so hard in my own might, completely disregarding my prayer at this point, to formulate some kind of sense out of all the problems. Some of my answers were purely guesses. When the bell rang I stayed a little longer, but then I did it...I gave up. I didn't wait for peace from God. I didn't wait for Him to help me think clearly. I was done. With a frustrated look on my face, I hastily stapled my test together and with a sigh, handed it to the teacher. I was completely devastated. I knew I was a complete failure. Then I thought, why didn't God answer my prayer? I couldn't understand it. All I knew was that He hadn't listened to me, or so I thought. The next day, in math class my teacher handed back the math tests and I decided that I failed no matter what and I didn't care at all, although I knew I cared deep down. I received my paper and turned it over to the front to find a “F” staring back at me. The degrading letter seemed to almost mock me. A 60% was not a passing grade in my school's grading system, just like most grading systems. Had God really failed me? No. He hadn't. The teacher, not disappointed at all (for this was a very hard test), told us that we were able to take a retake test AT HOME, USING OUR NOTES and could get back 1/3 of those points we got on the new test. This would be so easy for me to get a passing grade! Happy about it, I went on with my day perfectly fine. Then it happened. I realized Who was behind this wonderful miracle. I was on the bus ride home and it hit me. God DID answer my prayer. He just did it in a way that I wasn't expecting. Now there came a few small tears welling up in my eyes. I thanked Him from the bottom of my heart, in regret that I had ever doubted Him at all. I was so sorry that I'd been feeling such a way. All that to say, God doesn't always answer our prayers in the way that we expect Him to. He has reasons for doing things the way He does them. I failed the math test, but I got a second chance that could only turn out inevitably well. The real test was the test of faith. I failed that test and that's worse than failing a math test, by far. Next time, I hope to pass that great test of faith. I know God is here for me and listening to every prayer I pour out to Him. God loves you. Accept Him, follow Him, trust Him. He hears the prayers of His children and answers them in ways we would have never thought of.

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”
-1 Peter 5:7

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