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What Is Pain?

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Theres lots of things that can hurt us, but yet we still stick around. One example is love, it can be the most beautiful thing it makes you feel great, your more happy, you share your life with the one you love.It can also hurt you, you get lied to, or you get a broken heart, or even worse you get cheated on. Yet we still try to find love, we keep trying to find the one when truly we just need to live life and be happy because love and I mean true love will always find its way because true love doesnt need to be rushed. Another thing that can hurt us is rejection like at a job interview, a job you wanted so bad but you dont get it. Also a college application what if you dont get in? then what do you? You keep trying, work on grades,study exta, or maybe even start a study group. We can avoid pain, Im not saying you wont get hurt because in life you get hurt, you cry, you feel lonely, but you dont just give up in life......You get back up and try harder and give it all you got just take a deep breath because its just a bad day not a bad life. You can avoid pain be smarter, make wise choices even if it means you have to do whats best for your future, sometimes you have to think because every choice you make will effect your future,and yes it is hard to make a decision but thats life. We all change, things change nothing stays the same forever and sometimes when people change they change into a whole differenet person. Its like the person you thought you knew so well can be complete stranger, and its crazy because all of a sudden in a blink of an eye everything changes and will you,.... your just you. One thing I have learned is so many things can happen in one year you change,you get hurt, you learn. But you also become wise and stronger then before. Change can be good and it can be bad because you might hurt the person you love, and nothing hurts more then getting hurt by the one you love the most. I think you have to get hurt, you have to be in pain in one point in your life in order to learn from your mistakes, to become more wiser, and to come out 10x stronger of the situation. Things happen for a reason, and when you finally realize that reason all you can do is smile. We make mistakes but if you do it again the second time thats no longer a mistake its a choice. Pain in the end makes us stronger in a way its good to be in pain because thats a tough moment in your life and tough moments reveal true friends. Let the pain your in right now, make you more wiser and not make you weak because if you let life get to you its not going to be easy. But if you take challenges, be happy, make others feel important and think positive and dont let anyone define you then life can be a good thing. When life pushes you, you push harder. When people talk about you that only means your life is better, Ive also learned that just because people lie to us, hurt us doesnt mean we have to, but what we can do is just ignore the negative comments move on, and be successful in life and smile of course because thats the best revenge. This is the way I see it pain can either make you or break you, it can destroy you completely or make you stonger. You can fight it or accept it, fear it or control it. After all nobody said life was easy life is about becoming a better version of yourself, finding the right people to lift you up not put you down, finding yourself and creating a future. One thing is never cause anyone pain on purpose because you not only make them sad and miseable you making them question everything, you can destroy that person from inside and out.

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