Someone Else in a Dream

December 7, 2012
By Lin5dsy GOLD, Carthage, Maine
Lin5dsy GOLD, Carthage, Maine
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When I was younger, I wanted to become a professional dancer. Some nights I would even dream of my auditions at Juilliard, which could of either gone really good or really bad. The one I remember I was doing a combination of pointe and tap dancing, since I had recently became interested in that and wanted to learn it. I was wearing the classic black leotard, black ballet skirt, ballet pink tights, and a perfect ballet bun. I got on stage for my audition and could only see the reflection of the stage lights in the judges glasses. I took a deep breath and began with a aerobes that seemed to be larger than life for me, since in real life I was not that flexible. The dream continued like it was a movie, I watched myself do my dance while my thoughts were being heard in the background. “Don’t forget to breathe. It’s key to lock my ankles here. I’ve got this.” The dance I watched myself do I have never seen in my life, and in reality I could not dance like that. I had finished the routine with a barrel roll leap, a move I had been practicing previously. It only looks good if you look like you’re laying in the air on your back, and I had been determined to reach that goal in real life. But in my dream, I didn’t need to worry. I threw my body into the air like I was sliding across a glass table. My body was completely flat, and I landed so smoothly that the music ended as soon as I through my arms in the air to que that I was done. I sat there in the middle of the stage, the lights blinding me as I tried to look for the judges. It seemed as if the lights got even brighter as I stood there squinting. It got to the point where I had to actually close my eyes because the lights were so bright, and when I opened them, the judges were right in front of me shaking my hand and congratulating me on a job well done. I was in the path of becoming a professional dancer from Juilliard, just as my biggest dreams were in life.

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Have you ever dreamt about being someone else in a dream?

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