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The Shadow

I sat staring at the shadows on the wall, discovering thing's hidden inside them. Such as a face, a Frankenstein looking face, but all the same a face. I was like a shadow however unlike this shadow no one stopped to watch me, to discover the hidden thing's inside me. I was the shadow that people didn't really notice, they see me but only glance. I mean shadows aren't special, their not glamorous, their just there nothing someone really pays attention too. I'm a shadow no one watches me, your most likely thinking who wants to be watched? Well you do even if you don't want to acknowledge it. Like when your crush watches to see what you wear, come on how many of you like it when your crush compliments your choice of outfit? Or that your parents watch to see if you’re doing good in school, or making good choices. You may act or be annoyed but the truth is wouldn't you miss their guidance? I wouldn't know I'm just a shadow my crush doesn't even know who I am, what I look like, or even know we've had most of the same classes for the past five years. It's funny how people just brush aside shadows like their the same shadow they saw last week in the library, the truth is though no shadow stays the same, no two shadows are exact replicas of each other. I sit watching as the shadows on the wall start to fade, will I to someday just fade? Will no one really pay attention to me fading? I sit watching, thinking how many other people feel like a shadow? How many of these people do I know? I'm I the only shadow here?

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