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Before you get to know me, I’m just like any normal person. I try to be nice, stay out of trouble, and keep my grades up, just like anyone would. Eventually, though, you will find my iTunes library, see one of my favorite t-shirts, or find my favorite books. You’ll discover the truth about me. I’m not who I seem to be. I’m a complete geek.

Yes, it’s true. I’d much rather read a book than go to a party. I keep a Sonic Screwdriver on my nightstand when I sleep, just in case of a Dalek invasion. I taught myself to read and write Elvish from Lord of The Rings one summer. Estelio nîn, it was not easy. You can go ahead and listen to One Direction, but I’ll stick with the Beatles, movie soundtracks, and eight floppy drives scratching out the Legend of Zelda theme. I once asked my friend who Katy Perry is. I really look for a way to turn everything into an obscure Doctor Who reference.

The first time I actually realized that I’m a geek was when I was doing my science homework (and enjoying every second of it, I might add) while listening to “Weird” Al Yankovic’s song “White and Nerdy”. When I heard him sing “I know pi to a thousand places”, I flashed back to the time when I voluntarily memorized pi to fifty places just because it was March 14th, which I call “Pi Day”. Later on, though, I realized that I had always lived this geeky lifestyle. With a nuclear physicist for a father and a biology major for a mother, being a nerd was in my blood.

I can still remember playing simple computer games with my brother on an ancient computer before moving on to a Gameboy Color, and later a Gameboy Advance. When my cousin gave my brother and me his old Nintendo 64, it was like Christmas in July. I still have an old Sega Genesis in my den.

Just like snowflakes, each geek is unique. First of all, there are many different types of geeks. There are Whovians, Potter fans, Trekkies, Lord of the Rings nerds, and even Bronies. Most geeks are a mix of several types. For example, I am a mix of a Whovian, Potter fan, LOTR nerd, and Nintendo fan.

There are also many stereotypes and myths associated with geeks, many of which are false. The first is that no geek is a “people person”. This is not true. Many of the geeks I know love to be around other people and love to talk. Those of us who are quiet often have our shyness mistaken for unfriendliness.

Another stereotype is that geeks do nothing but geeky things, such as playing Minecraft and hacking video games. While Minecraft and video game hacking is something that most geeks, including myself, do enjoy, we have other hobbies. For example, I Irish dance, sing, play the flute, draw, and write stories. I know geeks who are extremely talented artists, athletes, and dancers. In fact, almost all geeks are very creative and talented.

Geeks are often mistaken for hipsters because we don’t always like popular music, books, television shows, or movies. Unlike hipsters, though, our glasses are always real. Also, when you hear us talking about something you’ve never heard of before, that’s probably because it’s an old video game or a Sci-Fi show. Geek and hipster music is also very different. Hipsters listen to artists no one has ever heard of, and geeks listen to soundtracks and floppy drives programmed to play certain songs.

Geeks often do things that no one can explain. We scare ourselves half to death for fun, create zombie apocalypse survival kits, make costumes of video game characters, and stay up half the night watching YouTube videos of people doing hilarious commentaries on the video games they’re playing. In fact, I’ve had to sleep with my light on at night several times because I’d spent the day playing scary video games. My brother and I have had conversations about the best ways to survive during alien invasions and zombie attacks. Even I can’t explain why we do these things. It really is a mystery, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

One thing to never forget, though, is that underneath the strange-looking costumes, random inside jokes that make no sense, and odd gadgets bought online, geeks are people, too. Even though we may never make any sense, we have feelings, just like you. After all, everyone has an inner-geek. True geeks are just normal people who choose not to ignore their inner geek.

Oh, by the way, bow ties are cool. Alonzi!

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dragonsandthree said...
May 14, 2013 at 10:19 pm
This was great! I'm 
RarelyJadedThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Mar. 9, 2013 at 11:22 am
Hahaha, I laughed so many times during this! You did a fantastic job :P I have an inner geek too...
OceanStorm replied...
Mar. 9, 2013 at 8:04 pm
Thank you!  Release the inner geek!
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