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Grace is God rescuing me, no strings attached

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The tree branches lay delicately on the ground. The sun shined through the leaves on the trees while the bark caressed excess sunlight. The squirrels ran merrily while collecting acorns for the cold winter ahead. Suddenly, I heard the musical notes of the organ. Frighteningly, I leaped out of my seat. Before I knew it, I was standing up and clapping along to the song the choir master was conducting. Realizing what I had done, I sat shamefully on the bench. I examined all the adults while they jumped and screamed. I thought, why are they screaming? How can anyone serve a God that they cannot see? These folks are crazy. After church was over, my mother conversed with the pastor. Getting impatient, I picked up my mom’s purse and stormed towards the car. Before I could make it half way, an old lady came up to me and asked, “Has the Lord been good to you, child?” Not knowing how to respond, I stood there and looked at her like she was a fool. In my mind, I thought, what had this “Lord” done for me? I wish she would stay out of my business. Discerning that I was deaf, she asked again and I responded the same way. Then and there, she said, “God has a plan for you, child.” Struggling to make it down the steps, she left me there, standing as stiff as a pole. I made my way towards the car and sat in the passenger seat. Since I was petrified that the old lady might have been watching me from afar, I scooted down in my seat. That evening, I prayed. These are the words that I spoke: Lord, I do not know what is happening or why I am crying. All I know is that, somehow, you feel more real than you did last Sunday and the Sunday before that. I want to become closer to you so that I might walk in all of your ways. Lord, save me from myself so that I may see you for whom you really are. Amen. After that empowering prayer, I never felt so much grace and mercy overflow in my soul. I could see angels floating around me with a smiling heart. God’s grace rescued me from the arms of Satan. Trying to recollect myself, I scurried into the church. I made my way through the crowd towards the pulpit. I walked over towards the pastor and said, “The Lord wants me to get baptized.” He called the deacons into the baptism area and that day, I was cleansed from all of my sins. The Lord is the first and only God who has a gentle heart that forgives and loves at the same time. After that, I do not know what happened but my mother told me that I caught the Holy Ghost. Now I am the “crazy one!” From that day on, I have adorned God’s grace and tender mercy. I will continue to strive to be like him in everything I pursue.

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