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Dear Readers of My Writing 3

Dear Readers of My Writing,

Hello…… again. I’m sorry about all of these letters to you! I know they are getting annoying. A part of me just feels the need to tell all of you important information about what’s going on in my life. So, here’s some more important stuff from me to you.

I just moved to a new school and not only has the drama doubled, the homework has too. This equals more homework time. More homework time equals less free time. Less free time equals less writing. Less writing equals my very large frown. Sorry you guys but the weekend will have to be all the writing time I can get! Can’t go failing school!!!!
I have about a MILLON new story ideas!!!! Isn’t that amazing! So when I do get the chance to write, it will all be awesome I promise. (Sneak peak: More “I Should Have Kissed You”, “Hidden Words” and two new ones called “Kiss Me” and “Thirty-Six Weeks” are coming soon.) I can’t wait for everything to be up as soon as humanly possible.
My goal is to write a full hundred articles BEFORE my birthday. At the moment I am at ninety six. Only four more to go!!!! The reason I made this goal is because my time, along with all you other teens, is limited. I need to write more in the next six years then ever before in my life. So every year I will write a hundred articles and five books. Sound good?
The only problem with my goal is that not only is my birthday November 15, which means I’ll have to cram my writing, but my computer isn’t working too. Right now I’m literally typing all of this on my parent’s computer. My parent’s very slow, loud, and waste of space computer! I ALWAYS save my stuff, but I can’t on here because I know it is on the verge of exploding any second. Until I can get a new computer (in the next month I’m hoping!!!!!) I can’t write you anything. I’m sorry.

For now I bid you a due, I love you all and I pray that you guys won’t give up on my just yet. I’ll be back soon. Ready to write and read all of your writing!!!!


P.S. For the time being go ahead and read “Tell Me a Lie” and other work of a fabulous Mrs. Niall Horan and Krazy Katie isn’t too bad either (amazing actually). They’re trusted friends of mine and are MARVOLUSLY AMAZING authors!!!!

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