Riddle Tone

August 20, 2012
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We talk in riddle tone , so only the smart can understand what we talk , abstract ways of living , never clear ,always murky. Visions we see. Words we write , you just need to read between the lines .the foggy streets are our place, the mixture of pain and Adrenalin in our veins, and the wicked smile, Of course that is the best the part, loving the hate, the ignorance in people's minds, playing with it like a game. Youth is just phase , it dies out as soon as we grow up. Don’t go… I scream , as hard as I can , they say I should let go, never let the cries of desperation get the best of me , but it already did, and every time we fall we get up and look back, people say that doesn't kill you makes you stronger , that was the biggest lie, and still is, a Brocken mirror will never be the same, incomplete thoughts, and hearts that were broken , they gave up on hope , cuz hope is just a word, faith is just a believe , destiny is a road that will be always under construction… Such a F***ed Up Life…

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Elementary said...
Aug. 24, 2012 at 5:44 pm
Fascinating piece, but the grammar and spelling errors really hinder the progress of the reader. On the other hand, they cause us to stop and think about each word you write, just as in Latin or other unfamiliar languages. I'm not quite sure what you intended to say, but all the same, this was a  rather enjoyable whirlwind of emotion and truth.
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