You may not get this

August 1, 2012
Sometimes people just don’t get it. You may be among those who would look at my life and not understand. I just don’t live the way that our society tells me I am supposed to live. I’ve explained to people before why I make the choices I do, why I believe what I believe, and act the way I act. My explanations just don’t click. People expect me be different, to be living a different way than I am. Sorry to disappoint you, but this is how I am and this is who I am.

I am not stereotypical. Never was, never will be. Let me put this in perspective. I am 18. I have never done drugs, never drank, never done anything sexual, never been clubbing, never dated around, never wore skimpy clothes, never owned a bikini, never watched a movie with sexual content, never got a tattoo, never swore, never went crazy over someone famous, never flipped anyone off, never had anything pierced. Never. You may have just read this and asked yourself “what, does she live under a rock?” I will tell you, I was sheltered, but all of the things I just listed were by my choice. Sheltered children even know how to leave the protection of their families. And I should also say that because I have never done any of these things does not mean I think I am better than people who do. This is how I am. I will not try and get you to stop doing those things if you don’t try and make me do those things. It’s that simple.

I wish people could accept my life style and not tell me I am loser for trying to live this way. So what if I have had one boyfriend and one only? You may have had one for every month throughout high school, but were you fulfilled by dating that many different people? I am dating someone who truly loves me and takes care of me, someone I really hope will be my husband, because I waited. I don’t like heartbreak. That’s why I hope to only date once. So what if I haven’t tried drugs or alcohol? You may have more friends than me or had fun on that high, but were you fulfilled by that? While you partied that night, and got so drunk you were puking, I was playing telephone Pictionary, laughing my head off with people I know will be with me throughout my entire life. I don’t like being sick nor losing control of myself. That’s why drugs and alcohol don’t interest me. So what if I don’t have the hottest clothes to get all the attention? You may have had more guys flirt with you, and more people thought you were popular, but were you fulfilled by that? I wore a knee length dress with no cleavage showing, and my date looked into my eyes and said I was beautiful. My dad hugged me tight and told me how amazing I looked. All the girls complimented me. All my guy friends told me I looked very nice. No guy tried to grope me on the dance floor or dishonor me in anyway, but I had someone to dance with for every song. I want attention, but not the wrong kind. That’s why I am not into showing off all my body’s secrets.

We could keep going on like this for quite some time, and I can keep trying to explain, but I’ll just simplify it. I chose this life because I find it most fulfilling. Nothing I do gives me temporary pleasure. It is all lasting joy, moments that matter. I understand that you may not find my life style the most rewarding or fulfilling, but I would like to challenge you, to see if the life you are currently leading is as fulfilling as it could be. You may not get this article, and you may even think I am saying your lifestyle is wrong. I want you to understand this very clearly: This is how I live-this is how I am. You need to find the lifestyle that fulfills you the most. And sometimes that means going against societies normal. So, what fulfills you?

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