House Poem

June 12, 2012
By imsobanana BRONZE, Wilsonville, Oregon
imsobanana BRONZE, Wilsonville, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
"Be the wind, not the leaves"

She is a younger teen, 14 years old. She has long brown hair with some blonde underneath. She is very tall for her age, about 5’9. She is usually always in her room upstairs by herself or with friends on the weekends. She is sitting on her bed, getting ready, on her phone or sleeping. She is sometimes on her computer or cleaning her room. Most of the time, I see her dancing around her room to her thunderous music, says the bed in the room.

She lives with her mom, older sister, her cat Sunny and her dog Koda, says the wall in the bed room covered with green paint. She has had the cat ever since she was four and the dog is a new addition to the family, says the ceiling covered with posters in the girl’s room. The 14 year old loves to dance. You will always see her dancing and when she is, she is always smiling because she loves it so much. She dances hip hop and lyrical at Innovative dance studio and has now just joined the dance team for Wilsonville High School, says the pink Nike dance bag.

Even though she’s mostly smiling, it can be an act at times. She doesn’t always have it off easy like other people, says the journal that has everything in it. Her dad is a major problem. I see her yelling with her family about him, says the railing leading down stairs. Also her sister and the girl get in a fight sometimes over the stupid things that aren’t important, says the dog toys. Even sometimes, she gets in fights with friends and that doesn’t help much for her, says the front door. Even though she has some of these problems, I know she is a strong girl and will be able to get through this all, says the backpack thrown on the couch.

But lately, her life has been really good. She made up with her friend, she made the dance team, she got into advanced hip hop at Innovative for the summer, and she stood up for herself when her dad came back to the U.S., says the perfume on the shelf. Her goal was that she wanted to stick up to her dad and was to not go and see him because every time she does, she always ends up crying or being really emotionally hurt. When he came back, she kept to her goal. I knew she could do it, says the light pink blanket.

Her dream when she gets out of middle school is to first, get on honor role in high school and get really good grades, says the science book. Her other goal for high school is to be on top of her homework and really get into school so she does really well, says her new backpack for high school. After high school she either wants to get a full ride scholarship or a lot of scholarships for University of Cal, or she wants to go to Oregon State, says the Oregon State jacket. If she gets into Oregon State, she wants to become a dancer for the Oregon state dance team, says the tie dye jacket. After college, she wants to become a Blazers dancer for the Portland Trail Blazers, while also having a side job as a hair and make-up artist, says the Brandon Roy jersey in the closet. Finally after all of that she really wants to open her own dance studio in California and teach dance to kids and teens of all types of dance. I know that she will be able to get to this goal because she will work and work for it till it happens. Anna is the girl’s name and she is one smart girl. We love her, says the picture of her grandma and grandpa on her desk.


The author's comments:
This is one of the best stories I have ever written. This story, I really got deep within my feelings with this story and I let my emotions come out when I wrote it. This is a Non Fiction story

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