Who would follow you?

June 9, 2012
By Anonymous

Who would follow you if you committed suicide? Who thinks of that before ending their life? I thought of it, that’s what saved me. Not someone there to talk me out of it with loving words and caring hearts. Not some song with lyrics that somehow applied to me. Not some random act of kindness that never actually happens. It wasn’t any of that stuff that kept me from doing it. All that saved me was thinking about all the pain I would cause people, people who didn’t need any more pain in their life. It was the thought of my parents having to bury their child, my best friend cutting, my boyfriend in pain. It was those thoughts that kept me from ending it all. It’s been those thoughts that have kept me on this earth time and time again. Nobody was there for me when I was about to kill myself, I was all alone. There wasn’t a reason not to standing in front of me telling me not to. It was just the thoughts in my head that kept me here. So don’t do it unless you have actually thought about the people who are going to be affected by this, don’t make someone follow you because of it. So who would follow you?

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