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Have you ever been so angry that you have no words?
You just sit here, wishing you had something to throw or kick or slam or tear apart.
All you can do is shake with anger and stand there.
You want to scream at someone.
You want to get away from them.
You almost want them to die.
You wish they were never born.
You feel like you don't know who they are anymore.
You think they’re probably ruining something of yours right now, so you storm out of your closed door and start yelling, but you don’t know what to yell, so you just sit there babbling and looking like a lunatic.
Even if you’re right, everyone takes their side, making you even angrier.
You can’t calm yourself and everyone tells everyone else to just “wait, maybe they’ll ‘cool off’".
You’re so angry you feel like you’re on fire, like you're a pot about to boil over.
And then you learn later that words really do hurt people.

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