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Birthday Wishes


Today's my 16th birthday, and I should be partying like every other teenager would be. I don't know what brought me to this paper, I guess I just really miss you.. Today, I should be celebrating, but instead I'm cleaning the mascara marks that followed the path of my tears down my face. I'm officially older than you were when you died. My friends tell me that I should smile and enjoy my teen life, but how can I? There's an aching in my heart where you used to be.
I turn 16 today, living without you. Truth is, it's only my heart craving in the past. In reality, time is still going by.. Even without you. It's hard to face it, but it's real. You're dead.. You're not coming back. You're not here anymore. Your smile is faded. I take a deep breath, clothes my eyes to make a wish, but I see your face.. I hide behind a fake smile, open my eyes. I blow out my candles, but nothing happens.

You're not here.

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