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Choas Returns to My Middle School

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Buuuurrrrriiinnggg!Lunch time. Teachers groan unpleasently as grapes fly by overhead, and camras focus in. Total mobacracy is in order now.Yes, Lunch is a insane part of my and my teacher's day, and here's proof.

At first, everything is unruffled.Students and Facilty members are jsut getting out of their rooms and a few are in the lunchroom. Smells of pizza and fish flood the entire room with a pleasing aroma as lunch ladys are preparing and bracing themselves. As time accumulates, more teachers and students are filling into the Cafe, some are calm, others are herding through like a bunch of angry bulls. Some facilty members try to postpone the chaos, but all struggling is futile, for as the chaos has already begain like a frozen car.

As the lunchroom begians to start in full swing, trays of pizza are crawling away slowly as scant students are laughing histaricly as teachers stab it with utencils. Fish flop wildly, as if still alive. Jokes and screaming are heard throughout the school. Gossip spred like an Ivy rash. Practical jokes, like the I'll-put-juice-in-your-milk joke are done at atleast 1/2 of every table. Peas go flying in the air, whilist the prankers think up new and creative jokes and irritating pranks.

After that chaostic mess, things die down as the students dump their trays and head outside. Teachers sigh in happyness, then in sadness, knowing that this is just going to happen agian. Even a few new subs are shakey as this is was a very horrid and frigting experience. simultaneously, students are swinging, laughing and talking happily, as if nothing ever happened.

As you can plainly see, What I envision at lunch is a chaotic, and tottally mussy luchroom. From food flying everywhere to teachers shaking and yelling, Lunch is hecktic. See, i told you so!

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