The Crash

February 29, 2012
By Jace Stone BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
Jace Stone BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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On one warm sunny day in late August, Tyler and I were riding around in our Grandparent's field. Tyler was riding his four-wheeler and I was riding our dirt bike. Our Grandparent's field is about two acres long and one acre wide. It is all grass which is raked and bailed in the summer for hay.

To get out to the field, we start the vehicles in the shed, go down past the barn, around the hill, and then go down the path. The path has a fence on the right that expresses the property line and a fence about six feet across fencing in the horse's pasture.

Our usual route is to go down the path, across the field, then ramp the back side of the two-foot-tall-hill that runs from the right fence to the corner where the field is. We then usually go around the tree line at the end of the field and drive back to the little hill, where we then ramp the steep side of it.

When we ramp the steep side, the four-wheeler and the dirt bike go about two feet off the ground and fly in the air at least seven feet. We are usually going twenty-five miles per hour off the ramp, sometimes faster.

We were driving the route over and over again that day each time going a little bit faster off the ramp. Soon we were going off it at speeds a little faster than thirty miles per hour.

As I was taking my helmet off to cool down over in the corner of the field, I saw Tyler coming around the tree line faster than usual. He ramped the hill leaning too far forward and flipped over the handlebars landing on the ground. The four-wheeler rolled behind him and stopped. Shocked by what happened, I threw my helmet back on and took off toward him so fast that my back wheel didn't stop slipping until I reached fourth gear.

When I got over to him, he was on all fours and breathing hard. I helped him get his helmet off so it was easier to breathe. At this point, I wasn't sure what to do, I helped him get on the back of the dirt bike and I had him put his feet on the pegs as I held mine out to the side. I drove back up to the house and helped him in the door.

Our Grandma took him to the hospital to get checked out while my grandpa and I went to get the four-wheeler from the field. Tyler was fine except for a few bruised ribs and a damaged four-wheeler.

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