Saved by an Angel

February 11, 2012
By , Liberty Center, OH
Everyone has their own beliefs, I was lost in my world as what to believe in. Some people believe in god some people don’t. I don’t, I am open minded about believing in anything. Wont tell someone that their beliefs are false or not true. I had an eye opening moment one night when I realized what I believed in.

Guardian Angles, everyone has one and so do I. I never believed in anything till I almost died. I was a girl lost in the mist of high school. I wasn’t where I wanted to be and I thought that would never change. I was falling from reality slowly. I was stuck in a boring rut of life waking up going to school and sleeping. I never realized it but I was depressed. I was slowly isolating myself from everyone and didn’t want to do anything.

I came home from a long day I felt sick I didn’t like who I was anymore. I had forgot of all the people who love me. I decided death was the only answer, I attempted to commit suicide. It was a moonless night and the world seemed to be quite and still. I hung a belt in my closet and turned away and went to do my normal bedtime routine. When I returned to the belt I held it in my hands, I felt power. I turned all the lights off locked my door and left a note. I put the belt around my neck and nothing felt wrong. I dropped to the ground hanging from the belt. I started seeing stars and everything went back. I heard a voice saying what arte you doing is this what you really want. I tried to move and stand you I didn’t have the strength to. I went to pull the belt off my neck and I couldn’t get it off. Then I fell to the ground, moments pass. Then I stand up and look in the mirror. A huge apple color red line crossed my neck. I felt a blow to my gut and I went to the bathroom and purged.

I have never felt the same about life. Its worth living and caring about. I almost lost mine but something happened that night. I couldn’t get out of the belt but something helped me out of it. I thought the belt had broken but no it was still hanging in the closet in the morning. I will never forget that every and always remember the importance of my life. I was saved by my angel.

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