January 30, 2012
And then I realized the truth. It's been three years now since we've met. Three years since I've felt happy. Three years when you started using me.
You knew I had feelings for you. You knew I'd do anything for you. You knew I cared more than anything. You always knew.
But I realized myself. I am worth more than your glances,your rough touches, and all the stories combined. You had never known that though. You thought I'm so weak, so fragile, and so easy.

I've grown up from the fairytale that we could have a chance. I've grown up from wanting you. I've grown up from you, as you have me.

The feelings are still there, yes, just waiting for you to prick at them as always. I won't let you though. I'll cherish them. I will write them on scraps of paper and burn them out.
You knew this would happen. You knew that there is so much I can take. You knew that I know we will never be good enough for the other. You knew it all along. It's okay. I knew the truth all along. I just didn't want to face it yet. And now, I just realized it too.

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