They Should Be Listened To

January 25, 2012
By shivaflyboy BRONZE, Newbury Park, California
shivaflyboy BRONZE, Newbury Park, California
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Kids- most of the time they are not listened to seriously, a comment never used... and you might ask why that is. To put it simply, many would say “because we are younger.” An example of this treachery happened a few days ago in P.E. I was being fought over, as usual, as to which team my classmates wanted me to be on; so they started playing tug of war with my arms (in fact, they almost broke one). To add on to this already traumatic experience, Coach Luis made all of us who were involved in tug-o-shiva run a lap! Of course, I didn’t think this was fair because I was the one being fought over; I mean what could I do? l was just a rag-doll in their little game, and what now? He’s making the rag doll run! Now how does that work?

After I ran, I tried to reason with Coach Luis. I politely asked, “Just what was the logic in making me run with my ‘torturers’?” After all, I shouldn’t have had to endure that pointless run just because I couldn’t control their Shiva cravings without, of course, really hurting them with my super ninja strength. Besides, they are my friends so I would never want to hurt them anyways.

O.k., now, if I was in Coach Luis’s shoes, I would have made everyone run except Shiva. Here’s why- I would have seen this poor little lamb being attacked by viscous tigers who were harassing and thrashing this poor little helpless lamb about. Or, I might not have made anyone run (that is, if they told me very nicely and truthfully what actually happened even if they were in the wrong). So, now you can see and hopefully learn from kids wonderful, reasonable - no, actually- just plain angelic thoughts.

Kids... they should be listened to.

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