What is Love?

December 14, 2011
To me, love is many things.
Love is talking to someone about a problem they are fighting through, no matter how long it takes or how late at night it is. Love is giving someone a well-deserved hug. Love is buying someone a candy bar “just because.” Love is making someone a homemade card. Love is sitting through a crappy movie with someone because they really want to see it. Love is doing someone’s chores for them because they have a lot of work to do. Love is letting someone sleep in after a long night. Love is waiting with someone for the bus in freezing cold weather.
Love is laughter. Love is tears. Love is silence. In some cases, love is sex. Love is pain. Love is happiness. Love is ice cream. Love is inexplicable, yet I’m explaining it right now. Love is loss. Love is memories.
Love is when someone writes your birthday on their calendar so they won’t forget. Love is accessorized with flowers, candy, money, jewelry, and kisses. Love is true and love is fake. Love is versatile. Love is for a mother, a husband, a daughter, a friend, a pet, a brother, a movie, and a sweater.
Love is different for everyone, but this is what love is for me.

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