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It seems as if the years have gone by quicker than expected and the time we shared now means nothing. It was nearly 2 years ago when we made a three way promise that we'd always be friends and remember the good times we shared.

I yearn so much for the days when we were side by side, inseperable, nothing could come between us. It seems odd that time could be the most deadly object, causing a bond to perish, as if it had never existed at all.

Each birthday and holiday we spent together. My best friend and I were two of a kind, never straying from each other, not even for a moment.

When about a year had passed, we spoke numerous times on the telephone, promising to visit and speak again soon. Months have gone by but I receive no reply. Soon enough, texts come from others stating that they are now above me, as if I had never existed at all.

What friendship can break so quickly? I spent my years always holding the friendship deep within my heart, sharing stories of others, and staring blanking into space as I relived the memories.

How could someone swoop in and steal what I held most dear? The one thing that I counted on most to stay the same and never leave me.

Goodbye old friend is all that can now be said. I hope your days are better than mine. They say if you love something then set it free, so I'll do just that. I hope you did the same.

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