Dear Sister

November 25, 2011
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Dear Sister, The time we have left together is waning. I wish I could turn back the clock and relive the moments that we shared; though such a wish I know will most certainly never come true. The car parked in the driveway frightens me so. It glints and gleams as the suns rays reflect off its perfect exterior. It's the thing that will take you to a place. A place where you're so far that it will seem as if you're on another planet. I've never been so far from you. Where will my sister be? Where will I be? And with whom? Shall I be alone, never to be accompanied by the one person who knows me the best? Sometimes I just wish I could tell you no. Tell you that you're not allowed to go away and the one place that you belong is here with me. This I know will make you unhappy, so I won't give you this letter. I'll drown my sorrows and try to look ahead, though before I can look to our reunion in the future, I must look to our breakup, the day you leave and I'm left here standing in a field of nothingness. When you go remember one thing. Remember that for as long as I may live I will be here waiting. I will forever wait until the day that I see your figure emerging from the darkness and drawing close. That will be the day that you will once again be within my grasp and the day that I never let you go. I love you sister.

Forever yours,

the Young One

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