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M-a-d-e-l-e-i-n-e. Just three years old. She doubles as my half-sister and a part-time actress. It is almost impossible to catch her stationary, speechless, or unsmiling. A little parrot, she always has something to say, whether or not her own words. Always following or repeating after me, in her many laboring years, she has never been one for the quiet, simple life. She prefers giggling, running about and hide-and-seek. Although many are full of energy early on, after some careful speculation, I believe she is truly the wild child. Strangely, only her family sees her come to life. Thus, I will attempt to tell what I know of this bold yet shy mystery.
Daily Madeleine takes on many personas. One day she struts around in her carpenter work boots and vest, the next she puts on her tutu for breakfast. Another potential path of interest for her, it seems, is to follow in my footsteps. She is always running after me; soon she will be a preschooler and may soon look up to me, wishing to partake in similar activities. One of these may be running as a hobby. Another of these could be art—she does, after all, have an elementary easel, just like the kids at the art studio where I work. In addition, she has a miniature piano, to model after my musicality. Absurdly, she would be terrific in the service industry—she scrubs every counter she sees and possesses a strong eye for detail. Picking up just one tiny crumb from the floor, she seamlessly spots one bit, apart from all others.
Another notable aspect is her intelligence. Learning comes naturally to her; she quickly understands ideas and associates them with other familiar concepts. She’s fascinated by the pictures on the TV screen while watching her favorite kid-friendly, educational shows. Furthermore, she retains this learned information, making it all the more valuable. I predict great success for her in the future.
Upon meeting new people, Madeleine feels the need to conceal her wild side (at least momentarily), and so she spectates curiously from a distance. Maddy stealthily changes her role to become a shy, thoughtful, innocent by-stander on the stage of life. And she knows exactly what she is doing—of course she can never trust a stranger, on account of new vocabulary: 'stranger danger.' Precocious as can be, she can speak any combination of words, although her true comprehension of such concepts as privacy and patience is somewhat questionable. Though she is quite the speaker—she can finally pronounce the letter "L" sound in my name and she does, in fact, speak intelligibly in semi-composed trains of thought often involving her favorites "Diego," or 'Be-uty' and the Beast.
Madeleine, at three, has the world at her command; she never makes her bedtime or eats her Brussels sprouts. Having all the toys in the world, she plays day and night. The girl always has something new to show me in the great room. I am so glad for her happiness, but I hope her possessions do not become the fuel of tantrums and sad days to come. Still innocent in youth, Madeleine is every bit a smiling cutie and the absolute embodiment of sweetness; hence I know that her parents, like any others, just want to wrap up the goodness of the world and give it to her. Everyone only wants the best for her, for children are carefree and lovable. I envy her endless days of joy; I think a lot can be learned from my smiling sister.

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foxy said...
Nov. 29, 2011 at 1:59 pm
loved the enthusiasm and wit that Carly used in this article.  She has a unique way of telling a great story.
fox2112 said...
Nov. 26, 2011 at 5:26 pm
Great article--very witty and incisive!
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