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November 5, 2011
By Ender2 PLATINUM, Hemet, California
Ender2 PLATINUM, Hemet, California
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I walk back and forth. From History to English, English to band. Every day of school. History to English, English to band. I walk by the same people- the girls with the flippy, straight hair on their heads and nothing inside of their minds. The ones with the caked-on make-up and pearly white fake smiles. With the thin waists and shorter than underwear shorts. The boys that walk like they own the skies and can’t count on their fingers and toes the number of girlfriends they’ve had. The letterman’s jackets can part the seas. People like them don’t have to move out of the way for people like me. People like me have to try and maneuver around them, or get our feet stepped on.

Mine have been stepped on plenty of times.

But as I dodge the general public, I nonchalantly pass a beige tree that opened the path of the 700 classrooms. It grandly stands in between the third smelliest trashcan on campus and a dull-looking Algebra trailer classroom with a creaky ramp and dense door with chipped red paint. The tree has bumpy roots climbing out of the crusted, hard dirt block beneath it. One root peaks out, looking like a human left foot, around size 14 with untrimmed toenails. On my route, instead of tripping over the foot or simply going around it, I decide to step on it, in attempt to smush it where it stands. I hope in my heart as I step on that foot, that one day I could have the confidence to step on some real toes; to have the courage to part the seas. That I, in my band t-shirt, jeans, and frizzy, curly brunette ponytail, could glide across the school and not care about those jackets with patches and straight hair. That one day, I could own the skies.

Until then, I will walk from History to English, English to band. I will dodge the general public and smush that beige tree in between the odorous trashcan and monotonous Algebra classroom. History to English, English to band.

The author's comments:
This is just my chapter in the book of my high school.

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on Nov. 26 2011 at 4:27 pm
mattisonteeter GOLD, Los Angeles, California
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I feel this poem :) I get what you're saying I really do. Ugh Highschool. Bleh I'm not a big fan either.

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