Always Try!

September 28, 2011
By tyler8 BRONZE, Maysville, Kentucky
tyler8 BRONZE, Maysville, Kentucky
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Do you ever get to a point in school where you don’t want to do anything and don’t care? Well I have before! School got to the point where it got so old and stressful. I remember when I would be sitting in class bored to death. Sometimes I wouldn’t listen to what we had to do. I always would talk to my friends in class, which didn’t help me to pay attention.

I was in my sophomore year and I didn’t really care about school. When I started to not care and do anything, I never thought about school. I had my mind on sports and hanging with my friends. When I had football, I was so busy with practices and also games. When I wasn’t in practice, I was on Hudl watching video. Also when I didn’t have football, I was hanging with my friends having fun which made it worse for me not thinking about school.

One day I got my report card and I saw that I had a C. I thought, “It was no big deal.” Then the next time I got my report card, I saw that I had another C. I was like;” I have never gotten 2 C’s before.” It made me really think about school and my career.

Now that I have seen that I’ve gotten 2 C’s on my report card, it made me change a lot. Now that I’m in my junior year I figured I should start trying a lot and doing my best. And I need to not talk a lot in school. I have seen a big change because now I have all A’s and one B. This made me think that now that I try hard, I can now get into a good college and that whatever I want to major in I will be successful with that.

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