What does being a teenager mean?

August 9, 2011
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So It's summer and we have a lot of time to kill and I'm trying to find what to fill it with. I was watching some cheesy teen show and they said summer is the time to be a teen. I think being a teen is more like being between. What are we supposed to do? We get shown and told by the media to rebel and party and do stupid things so we do. We drink and smoke under age. Then every now and then we feel too young to be doing this and we try to "act our age" and hang around with people younger acting people. But then we get that same sense of feeling the wrong age only in reverse this time. So where do we fit? Do we sneak out and drink and sometimes feel we're pushing something scary; Like we are on the verge of something we're not ready for? Or do we try and maintain our innocence and stay in or go to the park and feel like we are acting a role that is too young for us? What does being a teen mean for our generation? Are we growing up to fast or have we just grown up?

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