Which One?

May 9, 2011
By , Mckinney, TX
I walked downstairs, my stomach churning and growling ready for breakfast. I had been hoping today’s would be good, unlike yesterdays power bar. Yuck!

I walked into the kitchen, and there my mom sat. She said”Morning, Morgan. What do you want, a donut or a raisin bagel?” Oh, no! What a decision! I mean, a raisin bagel, you put it in the toaster oven, and the bagel gets the perfect temperature. Then you put some cream cheese on it, and when you bite into it the bagel just melts in your mouth! Also, the raisins get so nice and squishy… I started smiling just thinking about it!

Although, a donut, so nice and warm, and fluffy! Just the way I like them. This is such a hard decision! Hold on… what kind of donut is it? That can change everything!
“Mom” I asked, “what kind of donut is it?”
“Glazed” my mom replied totally nonchalant to this difficult decision I was making. What the heck mom? But, glazed ooh that’s hard to beat! Ugh! I can’t decide!

My mind raced, my thoughts were swirling in my brain. Which way do I go? Do I go with the raisin bagel and put cream cheese on it? Or, do I go with the sugary glazed donut that just melts in your mouth? I don’t know. Beads of sweet rolled down my forehead. I felt my mom’s eyes burning a hole through my back. I turned around and she sat, just staring at me like I was a freak! Whatever, I turned back around and ignored her. Oh, my gosh! What do I do?

Then, suddenly it hit me. A glazed donut is full of sugar and calories. Even though they melt in your mouth, glazed donuts defiantly do not get you off to a good start. You get all hyped up, but then later on you crash and burn, energy wise, because of all the sugar. I mean, they have 260 calories in just one! Compared to a raisin bagel which gives you nutrients through the raisin, plus energy through the bread, and to top it off it has only 156 calories! 104 less than a glazed donut! My decision was clear. I grabbed a raisin bagel. It gave me energy, and was healthy. The raisin bagel set me up for a fantastic day of school, and got me off to a great start. It even woke me up! My mom can’t even do that!

Looking back, I made the right decision. Without a healthy breakfast, your day will not start off all that great, and you won’t have a lot of energy either! Compared to a raisin bagel which gave me a fabulous start to the day, and made me happy and energetic for the rest of the day!

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