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The Watch

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My teacher had just told us to do 44 problems from the book. It was the period right before lunch. I rest my head on one of my hands with a sigh, and try to get to work. Tick, tick, tick. My watch measures out the seconds. Tick, tick, tick. I look down at it, and polish the face. It was a good watch, but I didn’t want to hear it just now. I didn’t want to know how long until lunch, because knowing makes time go slower. I took it off, and placed it face down on my desk, and moved to the second problem. Tick, tick, tick. I could still hear it counting out each slow second. I polished it again, while trying not to look at the time. The clock on the wall was easy to ignore, but my watch ticked. I put it face down under my book, you know, the gap between the cover and the desk. I could surprisingly, still hear it. I took it out, and pulled out the winder. I didn’t want to stop my watch, but I figured I could just reset it at the end of class. The minute hand stopped. I put it face down under my book again. Tick, tick, tick.
“Impossible.” I thought. I had taken out the wind, so the watch should stop, right? I looked at my watch again. The second hand still worked, going around the face with a Tick, tick, tick. I gave up. My watch had a purpose, and that was to tell the time no matter what. I guess even watches can have determination. I set my watch, and put the winder back in. I put my watch back on my wrist, where it belonged. I looked at the time. Half an hour had already past.
Moral: Time belongs to no one. You cannot stop it, slow it down or deny it. That’s just the way it goes.

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