The Amazing Catch

May 4, 2011
By jallen22 BRONZE, Queen Creek, Arizona
jallen22 BRONZE, Queen Creek, Arizona
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I woke with a sudden jolt of excitement and adrenaline as the bell rang as loudly as ever for school to end. As I pushed my way through the over crowded halls to get out to the baseball field, I met up with Eric, Travis, Jansen, and Chris so we could head out to the field together. When we got to the field we got dressed into our pregame warmups. While getting dressed Jansen took his Nuddy Buddy out, put it on, and started yelling, “Who wants to try to make it hurt!?”

We tried while laughing hysterically at our failed attempts. When Coach Watson got there, he even tried but was unsuccessful. After all the excitement we headed onto the field to do our pregame warmup routine. We finished our hitting just in time when Mclintock got there and headed onto the field. During throwing we messed around and relaxed like we usually do while warming up. It was hot because the sun had not gone down yet. We finished stretching and got fully dressed into our uniforms for the game. As soon as we were dressed, we waited for about 15 minutes for the officials. When they arrived, we headed onto the field to get ready for the game.

In the first inning the score was 2-1,with Mclintock ahead by one .We had made an error at first and second base, but then we got one run back by Eric hitting a double and stealing third. Eric was the fastest on the team, closely followed by me. Every time he was on base, I would wonder when they would figure out he was stealing. A total of seven fly balls got hit into the outfield, which meant it was a night that I would walk in circles until I heard the crack of the bat hitting a ball. I love playing baseball, but outfield can be the most boring part when you have a great pitcher. By the 5th inning it was Mclintock with a lead by two but we were notorious for coming back in the 4th and 5th innings. Jansen would start yelling at the top of his lungs which was really loud because he is just a bit crazy. We would get our rally caps on and wake up the bats by throwing them onto the field. Coach Watson would initially get down then we would all literally pick him up and toss him into the air as much we could.

We headed onto the field in the 6th inning up by one. The first batter at the top of the order walked up to the plate and Alex, our pitcher, got ready to throw his nasty curve ball. Alex threw his heated fastball straight down the middle of the plate and the batter hit it high and into center field to Eric. Alex struck out the two of the next four batters but they had runners on second and third. We needed a miracle to happen. First two pitches to the game winning batter were both balls and the next almost led to a disaster. It was a curve ball gone wild and it hit the dirt. Chris recognized where the ball was going and slid to the right to catch it to save a run from scoring. The next pitch was a fastball again but this time the batter gripped his bat tightly and swung for the fences.

The sound cracked through my eardrums as I heard the bat make contact with the ball. I read the ball off the bat as soon as it was hit and sprinted toward the foul line. Time felt like it slowed down as I got to where I thought the ball was going to drop. It started to fall, I put my glove up, held my breath, and waited and waited. The ball headed over the foul fence and I was stuck in the foul corner. I jumped at the last second and put my glove over the fence and caught the ball just in the knick of time. A rush of adrenaline washed through my veins as I jogged in from an exhausting inning. Everyone was cheering, my brothers, my fans, and most importantly my parents because of this well earned win.

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