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March 24, 2011
By jessecase BRONZE, Park City, Utah
jessecase BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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Hi. I’m here to tell you about my puppy Sophie. She isn’t a puppy anymore but she still acts like one. She is a German Short Hair which is a bird hunting dog. One time when she was really young, and learning how to point things out, she pointed me instead of a bird. She is brown with a white star on her chest. Our neighbor says that she looks like a little brown turd when she is far away. My dog is very fluffy and soft, she has floppy ears and I always play with them. Sophie is very wild and playful. She can out run anyone I know, even me. She likes to chase rabbits.
Sophie is also very funny like when she sees a laser pointer she always goes berserk. We call her Princess Sophie when she sits up on the couch and pouts. She likes to lie in the sun there. My mom’s cousin just visited my family and on the first day my aunt was here my dog ate her flip flops. And on the second day, Sophie got into her chocolates and ate them right out of the bag they were in. My dog gets into everything and will only go out to our back yard when we force her to or when she wants to go pee. She is also very annoying and will keep annoying me by jumping me or nibbling me until she gets attention. When she annoys me I get very mad and shove her away, then feed her and if that doesn’t work then I just lock her out of my room. Sophie is also very cute and is a hog when it comes to being next to a fireplace or if it is with bed covers.
I love to give Sophie walks but I always have to find her when I give her walks because she always runs off and hides. When I have her on her leash she either eventually gets loose of her leash or she is so strong that she drags me on the cement. So I like to leave her off the leash and find her rather than being dragged and bruised. I love my dog and always want to give her love and give her walks but I’m busy with homework and friends and chores and other stuff, so I can’t do it as much as I want. I always try and make time for her and I will miss her when she passes away, but luckily, that won’t be for a long time. One last thing is that Sophie and I love to cuddle in bed and I will give her bones whenever I can. I love my dog and will spoil her rotten as much as I can.

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