The Deepest Tear

April 1, 2011
“We have to get up Juey..”

“No. Please. A few more seconds.. I can't do this yet.”
“I know, but we have to..”
“Please chris, I cant let you go just yet.”
* * *
I take a deep breath in and force myself to say, “..Okay.. lets stand up..”
“I’m so scared, Juey, I don't know if I will be able to do this.”
“Well your car is all packed and everyone is just waiting for this final goodbye..”
“I know babe, I just hate that this is.. it for us..”
“Then don't let me go.” I said as I slipped my fingers between his and slowly continued to pull myself together up and out of the bed. Tears were streaming down our faces as we left the living room and opened up the door to his family gathering outside. My head was resting on his shoulder and I could feel my eyes swelling. The throb of forcing back tears was making it difficult to stay strong. Small talk was all that I had left with his family before it was good-bye. They talked about what kind of bedding he was going to be using in his dorm, but I could not hear a word. The distraction didn't help me and I eventually let the tears pour from my eyes. I turned my head but his mother could tell I was crying. She stepped towards me and gave me the biggest comforting hug that she had left in herself. I said my good byes to the family and we took our first steps toward my car.
Every footstep was slowly taken because we couldn't accept that this was it for us. Our arms were completely entangled within each other. Fingers locked, hearts joined, but everything was actually shredding our hearts paper thin. When we reached my car it was like everything we had worked for was gone. It ripped the deepest tear in my soul; I was going to be sixteen hours away from my other half. We stood there looking into each others eyes. The pain was unimaginable knowing that this, was the last time we would see each other for four months.

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