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January 17, 2011
By xotressalynnox SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
xotressalynnox SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Personality is what makes a person different from other people. Some traits are a utopia coveted by others and other traits can cause a schism between people because they are so annoying. Personally, I think I have a mix of both.

I tend to be a shy person when I am not comfortable with the people around me. This is one of my traits I wish I could expunge. Being more ostentatious around new people would help me be more relaxed. When I am around people I know, I can be very jaunty. I feel at ease with my surroundings and I feel I can be myself and no one will judge me. The fact that I care what other people think is an anathema to me. I am afraid of being judged.

The personalities of some people sometimes make me fractious. I dislike people who have a fake, flamboyant personality. People who act like they are friends with everyone annoy me. They end up talking about how they hate a certain individual behind their back and then are the nicest person in the world to them in person. Another thing I don’t like about certain people is when they are timorous about everything. People that are too afraid to live their life are truncating their lives. They don’t experience anything and look like they are miserable all the time.

Personalities are a wonderful gift everyone is fortunate enough to have. Even though some traits can be annoying, at least they make people stand out. If everyone happened to be the same, life would be boring.

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