I am From

November 28, 2010
By , Somerset, TX
I am from tall grass and honeys suckle. When things got tough I went into hiding. Laying low amongst the bugs and honey suckle. They crawled on my skin as the sun shines bright upon my face. The honeys suckle sweet yet bitter on my lips.

I am from loud music and darkness. Blaring the sadistic songs of slipknot and 5FDP. Turning off the lights and slipping into my bed to hide. The covers pulled tight against my face so no one can hear my screams.

I am from fighting and depression. We fight nonstop, screaming and cursing. You never hit me but your words are just as harsh as being slapped across the face, fighting off tears not wanting to show you how bad you`ve hurt me. The darkness of depression is the only thing keeping me sane

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